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Straight No Chaser is an a cappella group that was founded in 1996 by a group of students, studying together at Indiana University. The group performed their debut numbers at a 36 hour long dance 'marathon' at the university. Their name derives from a 1967 recording by the famous jazz artist Thelonius Monk (which was also simply called Straight No Chaser), but it is also designed to evoke a very popular way of asking for a drink in a USA bar. For around 10 years, the group performed on a rather small scale. But, in 2007 a Youtube video that they had made of their a cappaella version of The Twelve Days of Christmas (performed according to the comic adaptation written by Richard Gregory) suddenly went viral. This video had been made back in 1998, so it shows that Straight No Chaser had the ability to be an internationally popular band right from the start. Over 8 million people viewed the Twelve Days of Christmas video, and it was this that got people talking about the group, with the ultimate result that in 2008 Straight No Chaser signed a deal with Atlantic Records. Speaking from the present day, when you view the video that earned them their fame on Youtube now, you will see that it has now been watched over 20 million times. Straight No Chaser has now performed at numerous venues world wide, including the coveted Carnegie Hall. As Straight No Chaser was originally a collegiate group, it replaced its old members with new ones as students graduated and moved on from the university. However, given the success of this particular Straight No Chaser group in the world beyond the university, the collegiate group (which continues to exist at Indiana University) changed its name to 'Another Round'.

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